Autor: Simone Ramge

Richter Zusagen 2019

Der 8. Munich Cup findet am 31.August – 1. September 2019 statt. Bisher haben als Richter zugesagt: Ronnie Farrelly (IRL) Jimmy Black (IRL) Betty Schwieren (D) Les McLean (UK) Les hat 2011 bereits den Munich–Cup gerichtet. Welcome back Les! Ivan Lee (IRL) Irland bekommt Verstärkung! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass der 3. Richter aus Irland zugesagt hat, den Munich-Cup zu richten. Welcome Ivan Lee !

Jimmy Black (IRL)

My name is Jimmy Black. I have been involved in gundogs for over 30 years. I am an A-Panel Judge with the Irish Kennel Club . I have made up six Field Trial Champions and won the Irish Retirever Championship in 2015. I have also been placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Irish Retirever Championship in the past. I have judged the Irish Retriever Championship on four occasions. I have also judged in France, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Spain and the Czech Republic. I wish all the competitors good luck and a very enjoyable day! Regards, Jimmy.

Ronnie Farrelly (IRL)

I have been Training and Competing in Field Trials and Working Test for the past 30 years. Since then I have made up 4 Field Trial Champions and won several trials with other dogs. I have represented Ireland in International Working Test over 40 times at Game Fairs in Ireland and parts of UK with 7 different Dogs having won Top Retriever on several occasions. I have selected and captained the Irish International Retriever Team for the Anglesey Show and Fair in Wales for the past 25 years which we have won a number of times. During the summer months I do Gundog Demonstrations at the National Countrysports Fairs with my dogs. I am an „A“ panel Judge for the last 25 years, having judged the Irish Retriever Championship on 4 occasions and the Belgian, Spanish and French Retriever Championship also. I have Judged the IWT on 3 occasions and other working tests or field trials in Hungary, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Czech Republic. During the shooting season I pick …