Richter 2018
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Sally Jenkins (UK)

I have been involved with gundogs and shooting for about the last 35 years. Having given up hunting on horseback I then got an English Springer Spaniel and went beating. I decided this spaniel was not well enough trained so purchased a puppy which was the first dog I received a field trial award with in 1989. Since then I have run Labradors, a Flatcoated Retriever and Springers in trials.

I made up my Labrador bitch FTCh Hatchfield Tarka in 2002 and competed in the 2001 Retriever Championships. In 2010 I made up my English Springer Spaniel dog FTCh Rytex Roners with whom I competed in the 2007 and 2011 Spaniel Championships.

In 2003 I was appointed to the Kennel Club ‘A’ panel retriever judges list, and in 2014 I also became a ‘B’ panel spaniel judge. I am a member of the Kennel Club Field Trial Committee.

I have been Field Trial Secretary for the Westward Gundog Society since 1988 running trials for retrievers and spaniels. I have also been involved with the club as Working Test Secretary. I am also a member of The Spaniel Club committee.

I have judged in Belgium and Germany previously, and am honoured to be asked to judge the Munich Cup in 2018 and I look forward to meeting you all.

Sally Jenkins


I have been Training and Competing in Field Trials and Working Test for the past 30 years .Since then I have made up 4 Field Trial Champions and won several trials with other dogs. I have represented Ireland in International Working Test over 40 times at Game Fairs in Ireland and parts of UK with 7 different Dogs having won Top Retriever on several occasions. I have selected and captained the Irish International Retriever Team for the Anglesey Show and Fair in Wales for the past 25 years which we have won a number of times. During the summer months I do Gundog Demonstrations at the National Countrysports Fairs with my dogs. I am an „A“ panel Judge for the last 25 years, having judged the Irish Retriever Championship on 4 occasions and the Belgian, Spanish and French Retriever Championship also. I have Judged the IWT on 3 occasions and other working tests or field trials in Hungary,Italy,France,Switzerland,Austria,Holland,Germany,Sweden,Denmark,and Czech Republic. During the shooting season I pick up with my dogs two days a week in my local shoot at Castledillon unless I am trailing. I am very honoured to judge “The Munich Cup” and I wish all competitors the best of luck.

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